Madeleine Bialke

Madeleine Bialke (b. 1991 United States) creates highly personal landscape paintings which stem from a desire to simplify nature. This desire originated as a result of environmental connotations (extinction, domestication global ecological devastation) but was also born out of hope.The hope that simplification of a complex subject matter such as the natural world might encourage empathy and could become a gateway to further understanding. Her post-apocalyptic depictions of forests and landscapes are enveloped in romantic ideas of their sublimity. Growing up in Upstate New York, close to the Adirondack Mountains, Bialke became fascinated with the power of nature and humanity’s smallness. A recurring element in her work is the solace which nature can bring, and its ability to encourage sincerity in oneself. Only alone in the presence of nature is one able to cast off any societal shackles and the need to perform for others.



2022 / (Forthcoming) Death Motel, Newchild Gallery, Antwerp ,Belgium

2022 / Nine Lives, Steve Turner, Los Angeles, USA

2021 / Long Summer, Huxley-Parlour Gallery, London, UK

2021 / Significant Other, Taymour Grahne Projects, London, UK (online)

2020 / Mothers & Daughters,Visions West Contemporary, Denver, USA
2020 /COVID Care Package Project, Deanna Evans Projects, New York, USA
2020 / Ghosts of the Northeast, Davis Originals,Taos,Arizona, USA



2022 / The Natural World:Part II, Alexander Berggruen Gallery, New York, USA

2022 / Fertile Plains, Dinner Gallery, New York, USA

2021 / Wide BlueYonder, Newchild Gallery, Antwerp ,Belgium
2020 / In the Weeds, Olympia, New York, USA (curated by Georgia McGovern)
2020 / Mountain Time,Visions West Contemporary, Bozeman, USA


2018 / VisitingArtist, Alumni-in-the-Classroom Grant, Plattsburgh, NewYork, USA

2016 / John Walker MFA Painting and Sculpture Award, Boston University, USA

2016 / Fulbright Semi-Finalist, University of Tromsø, Norway
2015 / Summer Drawing Marathon Scholarship, New York Studio School, USA