TESFAYE URGESSA (b.1983,Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, lives and works in Nürtingen, Germany) is one of the most prominent contemporary diaspora Ethiopian artists.With an idiosyncratic style, and influenced by Ethiopian traditional iconography, German Neo-Expressionism and the School of London, Tesfaye’s works are architectural and powerful. Through a fascination with story-telling, his paintings always deliver a strong narrative, one that frequently focuses on social criticism and the politics of identity (such as the ongoing immigration crisis).The bodies in his works are rendered with the intensity of his unmistakable style, creating perfectly balanced spaces of softness and hardness.



2021 / Tesfaye Urgessa, Saatchi Yates, London, UK
2020 / Nach Wind Greifen, Kreuzkirche Nürtingen, Germany
2020 / Ubersee Mich Nicht, Galerie Schrade – Schloß Mochental, Germany

2019 / Atemzug, Galerie Tobias Schrade,Ulm (Donau), Germany
2018 / Oltre/ Beyond,, Le Gallerie Degli Uffizi, Florence, Italy
2018 / No Country For Young Men, Galerieverein Leonberg, Leonberg, Germany 2017 / Auszeit, Galerieverein Wendlingen, Germany
2017 / Free fall, Galerie Evelyn Drewes, Hamburg, Germany
2015 / Body and Soul, Sympra GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany
2015 / Tesfaye Urgessa – Untitled, Galerie K, Köln, Germany



2014 / Prize of the State Academy of Stuttgart, Germany
2010 / Camillo-Michele-Gloria-Preis, GasVersorgung Süddeutschland (GSV), Stuttgart, Germany