Michael Fink

Michael Fink’s (b. 1993 in Bolzano, Italy) artistic practice questions and explores our relationship with nature, primarily rendered in surreal and unexpected ways. Departing from personal stories, he translates into a rich visual vocabulary, mainly built on rituals, legends and myths. His paintings, often shaped using airbrush techniques, question the handling of our place in nature, most notably seen in his Giant Hogweed series and animal paintings. The monumental scale works often depict the unpredictability of nature in humorous ways, synchronising oneiric and apocalyptic feelings. 


The dog-horse hybrid, a recurrent protagonist in Fink’s work, surfaces on his canvases like a mythological deity with a special relationship to humans. In his work, Fink explores the dynamics of humans, animals, and nature at large while simultaneously highlighting our inability to connect and communicate with them.  


Michael Fink lives and works in Berlin and is currently studying at the Fine Art Department of Kunsthochschule Weißensee in the class of Friederike Feldmann and Nader Ahriman. His works have been exhibited in the US, Germany, and the UK. Recent shows include Cave Canem, Eve Leibe Gallery, London and Visual Unpredictability, curated by Adrian and Kenny Schachter, and Patrick Parrish Gallery, New York. Fink is currently longlisted for the Berlin Art Prize (2022).