Taylor Anton White

The seemingly obtuse ways of collaging used by Taylor Anton White (b. 1978, United States) are the fruit of an improvisational approach rife with spontaneous gestures. His mixed-media compositions consist of what the artist describes as “contradictory elements that should be discordant but somehow come together to exist in a state of tenuous balance.” His works are drawn from discrepancies and conceptual restrains expressed at many levels: between the work and its title, between the different materials used, between intention and perception. His highly-layered, textural, and often three-dimensional paintings unapologetically embody the numerous decisions an artist continuously makes. White’s art defies categorisation, his works move between abstraction, text, found objects, and clearly defined imagery all within a single work. In his practice, he utilises a vast spectrum of media ranging from spiral bindings, spray paint, and charcoal to even incorporating drawings by his own children, thus calling into question entrenched notions of artistic ownership.