The sometimes enigmatic and intriguing realities depicted in the exhibited works by Norman Hyams are populated with melancholic but intimate characters. Having graduated from Chelsea College of Art in 2006, Norman shunned the art world for over ten years, creating a powerful body of work unaffected by any external or commercial influences. His intimate paintings are populated with characters depicted in strokes narrowly grotesque and seem to be disconnected from a sense of time and space. His subject matter is seemingly familiar and mundane yet there is always a hidden layer of unease to be explored.



2020 Crowd, Hannah Barry Gallery, London (group show)

2019 Knowledge, Turps Gallery, London (solo)

2018 Serious Pursuits - loops, sacks and tennis courts, Hannah Barry Gallery, London (solo) 

2017 Soirée, Fiery Friary, Project by Shaun McDowell, London Ethos, Hannah Barry Gallery, London (solo) 

2017 - 2016 Faith & Fathom, Galleria Poggiali, Florence (group show)

2016 Shuffle, Herrick Gallery, London (group show)

2007 Norman Hyams, RUN Gallery, London (solo)