Vojtěch Kovařík

By surveying mythology, Vojtĕch subverts notions of masculinity and heroism. Such archetypes are questioned over and over in his paintings, unearthing feelings of doubt in these historical references, yet imbuing them with a fresh grandiosity. These constrained muscular characters, androgynous at times, have become the signature in his practice. 


He holds both a B.A. and an M.F.A. from Ostrava University(CZ)and has been exhibited internationally in both Europe and the U.S. His works can be found in a number of important private collections.



“Formally, it looks like my human body study has degenerated into a kind of obsession with absurdity”.



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Vojtĕch is the winner of 12th Prize of Art Critique for Young Painting, Galerie Kritiků, Praha (CZ)