Chloë Saï Breil-Dupont

"The "Cassettes" are pieces of archives, they are freezed frames of movies, memories etc. They represent a collective memory which shapes an identity, yet it is also personal and unique to each of the portrait I create." 

Chloë Saï Breil-Dupont's practise involves an experimentation of traditional oil processes. Her paintings portray people from her intimate surroundings with whom she explores what constitutes and shapes existences and identities. The artist's iconography expands analogously to an atlas, evoking the practice of art historian Aby Warburg. It is filled with souvenirs and framed memories (to which she refers as 'cassettes') which illuminate the invisible presence of their subject and appear in a world where entropy seems to reign.
Born in 1990 in Paris, France, Chloë Saï Breil-Dupont joined the École des Beaux-Arts in Biarritz in 2010 to develop her painting practice. In 2015, after graduation, she moved to São Paolo, Brazil, where she studied Philosophy. After three residencies, at les Ateliers Wonder, Dune Pondicherry and la Villa Belleville, the artist moved to Carrara, where she lived from 2018 to 2020, to focus on the practise of oil painting. Her work has regularly been exhibited in Paris, São Paulo, Brussels and Carrara. She is currently nominated for the prestigious Jean-François Prat prize.